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Redeeming Grace Church
7603 Sw 77th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79119
Phone: (806) 373-7162
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession: 2nd London Baptist Confession (1689)
Contact: Michael Graham, Pastor
Web page:
     It is our passion and desire to grow in grace, knowledge, and holiness as well as reach the lost for the glory of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is our desire that Redeeming Grace Church be a beacon of God's truth in the world today with the emphasis on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel is the only message of hope for our fallen and sinful world. Therefore, it is our commitment as a community in Christ to cherish and lift up the gospel (best expounded in the "doctrines of grace") as we reach out to engage the lost world, love people, spread hope and truth, confront error and lies, seek justice for the needy and afflicted in the world, and make disciples for the glory of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Distinctives: Expository Preaching Gospel-centered ministry Christ-exalting worship Family Integrated Lord's Day Worship Elder-Led Body Covenant membership Doctrines of Grace Outreach Passionate

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