Inviting a Founders Board Member to Speak



An official invitation for the speakers listed below. Simply print and mail completed form to the requested speaker (addresses listed at the end). To email an invitation, you can type the answers to these questions in the contact form that appears after clicking on the speaker’s name.



Please provide all the following information that is relevant and available:


Name of your organization:                                                                                             






Phone #:                                                           Fax #:                                                         


Email address and website address:                                                                              




The date(s) of the event:                                                                                                   



Kind of meeting (Bible Conference, Men’s retreat, etc.):                                           




What is the vision and purpose?                                                                         





What is the predicted attendance?:                                                                                



Name of speaker you are requesting:                                                                            



The number and length of times to speak:                                                                   





Topics and Conference Schedule:                                                                                   







Name of the pastor and/or primary contact person:                                                   




Home and mobile phone numbers of contact person:                                     





What is the closest airport?                                                                                             



What is the travel time from the airport to the event location?                              



Will you be providing transportation from the airport?                                            



What is the dress code:                                                                                                     



Bible translation preferred:                                                                                             




Frequently Asked Questions


What is the “fee”?

While travel expenses are expected to be covered, there is no set “fee” for preaching/teaching the Word of God. Honoraria can be discussed by church leadership contacting the speaker personally.


How would flight arrangements be made?

Once an official invitation is accepted, the speaker and sponsor of the event can agree on who will purchase the tickets and when. Generally, speakers prefer to make their own reservations. In this manner, best-priced and suitably scheduled flights will be purchased by the speaker personally and the sponsoring organization then reimburses the speaker. If you prefer to make the flight arrangements, please first consult the speaker to determine schedule.


May we tape the sessions on audio and/or video?



Would you prefer to stay in a home or a hotel?

Generally, a non-smoking room in a hotel is preferred. However, we do not want this to be a logistical or financial burden to the church. Please feel free to discuss the matter with the speaker. Internet access is requested. Some speakers bring a laptop and need only use of a phone line. Others may need to check email from another computer (such as the church office or in a home).




Bill Ascol

Heritage Baptist Church

457 Mohican Lane

Shreveport, LA  71106


Tom Ascol

Founders Ministries

P.O. Box 150931

Cape Coral, FL 33915


Fred Malone

First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 552

Clinton, LA  70722


Joe Nesom

First Baptist Church

P.O. Box 155

Jackson, LA  70748


Tom Nettles

3710 Cypress Springs Place

Louisville, KY  40245


Phil Newton

South Woods Baptist Church

3175 Germantown Road, South

Memphis, TN  38119


Don Whitney

Southern Seminary
School of Theology
Box 8-1944
2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280  64118


Hal Wynn

Northside Baptist Church

8250 Littleton Road

N. Fort Myers, FL 33903