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There are three ways to participate in courses at the Founders Study Center. On the form, please select one of the following three options and complete the requested information:

Directed Studies

Students are guided through a course by a course mentor. Directed studies courses are offered during the Spring (January—May), Summer (May–September), or Fall (September—January) semesters. Students may choose from any of our available courses.

For the Spring semester (January 9 to May 31, 2017) there are 8 available courses:

  • Preaching and Preachers (16-sessions)
  • Pastoral Theology (16-sessions)
  • Theology of the Reformers (16-sessions)
  • Spiritual Depression (16-sessions)
  • Evangelism and Excellencies of God (10-sessions)
  • Worship (10-sessions)
  • Intro to the Puritans (10-sessions)
  • Baptist Covenant Theology (10-sessions)

See our current course catalog for more information on these courses.

Students in directed studies will have access to their chosen course (both 16-session and 10-session courses) for the full duration of the semester (until May 31, 2017). See Important Dates.

Free Course Audit

Each semester we will offer a course that students can audit free. Our free course audit for the Spring 2017 semester (January 9 to May 31, 2017) is the 10–session Intro to the Puritans course.

Full Site Subscription

Students will have unlimited access to all our available courses for $12.00/month (currently there are 8 courses online, including our newest course, Pastoral Theology. Students can select 2–5 months for a multiple month discount or a full year for just $99.00.

Click here to enroll and register for Spring 2017 Courses

Orientation for the Spring 2017 semester will begin on January 2, 2017. Students who enroll for the spring semester will be given access to the Student Forum by January 2nd to participate in orientation. The spring semester officially begins January 9, 2017. See Important Dates.

If you wish to audit the Intro to the Puritans course this spring, you can sign up for our free course audit. If you wish to audit another course (or courses) you can register for our full site subscription and select the amount of time you wish to have access to the course(s).

Students who are taking a course as directed studies are responsible to make arrangements for a course mentor.

It is our conviction that the proper place of training for the ministry is not online, but in the church. While the Internet is a great means of making resources available, it is no substitute for personal training and discipleship. Therefore this Study Center serves in conjunction with a mentoring program that allows students to work through courses as directed studies with respected, experienced pastors. You can find the list of pastors available to mentor our courses under Current Course Mentors. A list of available openings for new students as well as contact information for each mentor will be available in the Student Forum.

If you are signing up for our free course audit, you can do so at no cost. If you are registering to take a course as directed studies or enrolling for the full site subscription for more than one month, you will need to send in course fees.

Course fees are as follows for the Spring 2017 semester:

Full Site Subscription

Students can select from 1 to 5 months at $12.00 per month (selecting 2–5 months includes a multiple month discount) or a full year for $99.00.

1 month = $12
2 months = $22
3 month = $32
4 months = $42
5 months = $52
Full Year = $99

Directed Studies

Students can select either a 10-session course or a 16-session course:

10-session courses

Early Registration = $50 (December 9, 2016 to January 9, 2017)
Registration = $60 (January 10–16, 2017)
Late Registration = $75 (January 17–31, 2017)

16-session courses

Early Registration = $75 (December 9, 2016 to January 9, 2017)
Registration = $90 (January 10–15, 2017)
Late Registration = $105 (January 17–31, 2017)

You can pay for course fees via PayPal by credit card, or send a check to:

Founders Study Center
P.O. Box 150931
Cape Coral, FL 33915