To enroll in the Founders Study Center and register for a course, students must complete an enrollment form.

Once enrollment is confirmed by the Study Center Director, students will be added to the FSC Student List and given access to the Student Forum, where they can participate in Orientation. All students are encouraged to complete Orientation before beginning their course(s).

In order to enroll and take directed studies courses through the Study Center, students must have a local church affiliation. It is not necessary for a student to be serving as a pastor or in leadership positions of ministry while taking courses, but directed-studies students are required to be actively attending and participating in the ministry of a local church.

Only actively enrolled students and mentors are eligible to register for and participate in Study Center courses. To remain actively enrolled in the Study Center, students must take at least one course per year. Students who go more than a year (any 12 consecutive months) without registering for a course will be listed as inactive. Inactive students will lose their access to the Student Forum and be required to re-enroll in order to take courses.

Mentors and students registering for directed studies or a free course audit during a regular semester (spring, summer or fall) will not have access to the course material prior to the course opening (preview) date. Courses are normally opened for Course Preview at least one week prior to the beginning of the course, during Orientation. Students who register for a Full Site Subscription will be given access to available courses within ten days of their registration.

All mentors and all students (those participating in directed studies, free course audit or the full site subscription) are encouraged to participate in orientation. Orientation and training for course mentors is posted in the Mentor Forum. Orientation for students is posted in the Student Forum. Orientation includes helpful information on taking and completing a course, and navigating the site and course material. Official dates for Orientation (especially for directed-studies students) are January 2–9 (Spring 2017) and May 1–8 (Summer 2017), but Orientation remains opens through the full semester.

Although students can take Study Center courses on their own (with the full site subscription or free course audit), the courses are designed to be mentor-led. Students taking a course as directed studies MUST have a course mentor in order to successfully complete the course and receive a course completion certificate.

Directed-studies students are responsible to make arrangements for a mentor for each course they take. Students who have not confirmed an arrangement with a course mentor by the 5th week of the course will be listed as “auditing” the course.

Students are encouraged to make arrangements for a mentor as early as possible once they register for a course. Course mentors only have a limited number of openings for new students. Every effort will be made to help registered students find mentors for their courses. If a student is forced to audit or to drop a course because he cannot find a mentor, he will be given two options:

  1. Retake the same course the next time it is offered with no additional course fee or penalties
  2. Select from the courses offered in the next consecutive semester and take a different course—course fee will be waved for one course of equal or shorter length

Directed-studies students are expected to keep in regular contact with their course mentors. Students who do not stay in communication with their mentor may be dropped from the directed-studies program and listed as “auditing” the course.

It is the responsibility of the course mentor to make specific course assignments, and determine at the end of the course if the student has successfully completed the requirements for the course. If a student has any disputes or difficulties working with a mentor, he should contact to the Study Center Director.

A limited number of scholarships are available for students taking courses as directed studies. Although we offer our courses inexpensively, we realize that some simply cannot afford to pay the course fees. Our goal is ministry and our desire is to see the gospel reclaimed and churches reformed according to God’s Word. We do not want financial hardship to prevent students from taking our courses.

Students who need help paying their course fees can make application for a scholarship. Scholarships will be provided to cover Study Center course fees as we have available funds and course mentors. Students who are interested in receiving a scholarship must complete a scholarship application and send it to the Study Center Director. Students can request application forms during registration. The deadline for receiving scholarship applications is 7 days before the beginning of the course.

Scholarships are not available for audited courses or full-site subscriptions.

Anyone interested in contributing to the scholarship fund to help students pay for courses can contact the Study Center Director.

Study Center courses, when taken as directed studies or course audit, are offered within set terms or semesters. See Important Dates for information on when courses begin and end. Directed-studies students are expected to meet with their mentor during the first week of the course and arrange a realistic schedule for completing the course within the allotted time frame. A tentative schedule is posted along with the syllabus in each course. The schedule provides several weeks of catch up time at the end to allow students and mentors to make adjustments to the schedule as needed. Students who are not able to complete the course within the allotted time may need to withdraw or drop the course, or petition for an “extension” or “incomplete” (see below).

Directed-studies students may withdraw from a course anytime during the first 10 days of the course and receive a refund of the course fee paid (minus a $10 administration fee). After the first 10 days the course fee is not refundable.

Directed-studies students who withdraw from a course during the first 10 days of the course may also choose to preregister for the course (the next semester it is offered) rather than receive a refund of the course fee paid. Students who choose this option will be required to pay a $10 administration fee.

Directed-studies students who do not wish to continue in a course may choose to drop the course. Students who drop a course will not receive a refund of the course fee. Students who choose to drop a course during the semester will lose access to the course and will be required to pay the course fee if they retake the course in the future.

Students who are participating in the full site subscription and have paid for additional months can withdraw and receive a full refund for any months not yet used. The access fee for any the current month at the time of withdrawal is not refundable. Students who have paid for additional months can also choose to “hold” those months and use them at a later time. The “month” time allotment cannot be divided up into separate weeks; it must be used in full: 30 or 31 consecutive days.

Extensions—directed–studies students who desire to finish the course, but are unable to complete it in the allotted time, can petition their mentor and the Study Center Director for an extension. If an extension is granted they can purchase additional access by the month using the full site subscription ($12/month). Extensions can be granted for 1 to 3 months additional time to complete the course material.

Students who desire to finish the course, but are not able to complete the material within a 3-month extension may petition their mentor and the Study Center Director for an incomplete.

Students who are granted an incomplete in a course can re-register for the course anytime within one year from the end of course or the next time the course is offered.

Students who are making up an incomplete will be required to pay an additional course fee and re-register for the course. Students petitioning for an extension or incomplete must notify their mentor and the Study Center Director prior to the end of the course. Once the course is ended incompletes and extensions will not be granted.

No incompletes or extensions will be granted to students auditing a course.

Men and women serving in the armed forces who are forced to take an incomplete in a course due to military deployment will be allowed to retake the course at the soonest possible opportunity with no re-registration fee.

To successfully complete a course:

  1. Directed-studies students must complete all course requirements, including the Course Evaluation. Students MUST complete the Course Evaluation form and send it to the Study Center Director as part of fulfilling all course requirements.
  2. The student’s mentor must certify that the student has completed all course requirements. The student’s mentor MUST complete a Student Evaluation form (grades) and send it to the Study Center Director as certification that the student has completed all course requirements.

Upon successfully completing a course as directed studies, students will receive a certificate from the Study Center acknowledging their accomplishment.

No acknowledgment or certificate is given to students who choose to audit a course or participate in a course through a full site subscription.

Access to course material is restricted to currently enrolled and registered students and mentors. If you are participating in a course as a student or mentor and have any difficulties accessing the course material, please contact the Study Center Director.

Study Center Policies last updated December 28, 2016.