Guess what the kids learned at M-Fuge

Since 1995, M-Fuge has offered missions and ministry opportunities for students and adults within a camp context. M-Fuge, M-Fuge International, and Urban Connexx give your students the chance for hands-on missions and ministry opportunities during the day and creative worship and other fun activities in the evenings. Whether you are interested in missions in the United States or abroad, with your group or mixed in with students from across the nation, or ministry in a large, urban setting such as Chicago, M-Fuge has an option suited just for you!

That’s what the Lifeway website says about this summer youth conference that is geared toward students.

Now read what a Youth Pastor from South Carolina has to say about his experience at M-Fuge.

I recently returned from M-fuge @ Southern Charleston University. We went from June 11-17. On Sunday night, June 12, all of the campers and staff gathered for worship. The speaker told all of us to close our eyes and to open our hands as if we’re about to receive something… then he told us the following (this is word for word what he said, for this comes directly from the lifeway outline that every M-fuge preacher must follow)

“1. As you sit comfortably with your eyes closed, let yourself settle down. Let go of all the thoughts, tensions, and sensations you may feel and begin to rest in the love of God who dwells within.
2. Effortlessly, take up a word, the symbol of your intention to surrender to God’s presence, and let the word be gently present. The word should be one syllable, if possible, and should communicate God’s love to you. Repeat it over and over during your prayer time. Focus on the word and what it means in your relationship with God.
3. If thoughts subside and you find yourself restfully aware, simply let go of the word. Be in that stillness. When thoughts begin to stir again, gently return to the word. Use that one word as your only response to thoughts, questions, or anxieties that arise in your mind.
At the end of the prayer time, take a moment to come out of the silence gently. This is a good time to internally express thanks and gratitude to God, and to pray for others in need of God’s grace. Pray over the audience as this time ends.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would be proud.

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