Semper Reformanda: more than a phrase

In case you missed it, BP ran an article by this title two weeks ago by Doug Baker that is very much worth reading. While applauding the gains made by the conservative resurgence Baker rightly warns that they will be temporary if there is not an ongoing effort to regain more solid doctrinal grounding of our church life and ministry in the SBC. Here is the thrust of his concern:

Without doctrinal anchors, the SBC could all too quickly drift away. Why? A denomination of churches reared solely on a warrior motif of “liberal versus conservative” rather than “theology versus program” is destined to slide theologically. In the words of Southern Baptist theologian Timothy George, “A new bureaucracy doth not an improvement make!”

Baker’s critique is pointed and on target. I am grateful he wrote it and that Baptist Press released it. It will be interesting to see how many, if any, state Baptist papers publish it.