Johnny Hunt will not be nominated for President of the SBC?

A commenter named David Rich left the following note on my blog today:

Thank you for the information. I am new to the blog thing..but wanted to update the Johnny Hunt for SBC president blog. I am a member at FBCW and at the close of Sunday’s sermon Dr. Hunt indicated that he WILL NOT be accepting the nomination for president of the SBC.

I have not had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rich so I cannot tell you anything more about this than what he has written. If Pastor Hunt gave a reason for his decision, it would helpful to know what he said.
I say it would be “helpful,” because of all that seems to brewing in SBC life as we move toward the convention in Greensboro. I have already gone on record with my views that if the reason is because of how much or little FBCW gives to the Cooperative Program (as was conjectured by some the last few weeks), then I think it is a mistake for him to pull out. The “movement conservative” leaders of the last 27 years repeatedly indicated by word and example that leadereship should not be determined by the amount of money a church gives through the CP. If their reasoning was sound then, what makes it unsound today?
Regardless, if indeed Pastor Hunt will not allow his name to be submitted to the convention for the office of president, this will only further heighten interest in what already promises to be one of the most anticipated and watched annual meetings in recent years.