Reformation Celebrations

For twenty years our church has had a Reformation Celebration around October 31. Early in this practice, I was adamantly opposed to any kind of “Harvest Festival” or participation in Halloween. While we still do not allow our children to go out “trick-or-treating,” I have come to see the issue differently over the years. Tim Challies’s ambivalence and ruminations on the subject last year pretty reflect my own.

Nevertheless, we are continuing our tradition at Grace Baptist Church this year and on October 27 will host a chili supper (a tipping of the hat to my Texas roots!) and movie for the adults and a Reformation Fair for the children (put on by our youth and young adults). The kids will be introduced to key leaders of the Protest Reformation with medeival games, skits, etc while the adults will watch “The Radicals,” a film on evangelical anabaptists (highlighting the life of Michael Sattler). We have watched a variety of movies over the years that have highlighted some aspect of our Christian heritage. It has been a lighthearted way to promote appreciation for the work of God’s grace in previous generations.

Other churches host reformation conferences, like the one at Audobon Drive Bible Church with Joel Beeke and Geoff Thomas. First Baptist Church of St. Francis, Kansas will also host a Reformation weekend, October 27-29 with Roy Hargrave preaching on “God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility.”

I am sure there are other conferences related to Reformation Day coming up in the next two weeks. Feel free to let us know about them in the comments section.