Cash Feenz and the prevalence of evil

Our town was shocked again two weeks ago when the charred bodies of two young men were discovered in a smoldering late model vehicle near an industrial park not too far from my home. Police investigations have recently uncovered some of the gruesome facts about the crime. The two teenagers were tortured and then murdered by a gang known as “Cash Feenz.” Gang members had their own MySpace sites, touting their personas.

Cape Coral is not accustomed to this type of criminal activity within our city borders. But, as the Amish community in Pennsylvania tragically discovered a few weeks ago, there is no place in this fallen world that is beyond the reach of evil.

Eight years ago our community was confronted with a similar outbreak of brutal gang violence. I wrote an article entitled, “Lords of Chaos, Where Do They Come From?” in response to it. This world is not the way it was designed to be. Sin and Satan have ruined it. Failure to take sin seriously is to live in a fantasy world and not the real one. But sin will not have the last say. God’s grace will ultimately prevail and Jesus Christ will be acknowledged by all to be Lord of lords and King of kings. Until that day, those of us who are citizens of His kingdom must continue to declare His throne rights and offers of grace and mercy to everyone we can reach. And we must do so without blinders to the evil that permeates our world, without despair that such evil will dominate forever, and without doubt that the kingdom of Christ will finally conquer all of His enemies.