Nathan Finn on what ails the SBC

Nathan Finn is an adjunct professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. More importantly, he is a devoted to Christ and His church and is a clear thinker who has been thinking lately on important issues within the denomination he serves. He has posted 16 articles about what he sees wrong in the SBC and offers some very insightful solutions. I highly commend this series and especially the last ones on “possible solutions.”

Timmy Brister has compiled all of Nathan’s articles and adds his own insights as well in a recent post. It is very helpful.

Nathan concludes that what is ultimately wrong in the SBC is that in many ways and many places we have lost the Gospel. If he is right, then all of the other things that we get exercised about really don’t matter. If he is right, then our problem is far more grave than most of our leaders are willing to acknowledge. If he is right, then shouldn’t every denominational plan and program be subjugated to a life-and-death recovery effort on the part of everyone who sees the problem? I think so. And I think Nathan is right.