Sermon Jams

Relevant Revolution has set up a website full of “sermon jams“–audio sermons that have sound tracks laid down with them to provide easier access to a younger generation.

The purpose statement of Relevant Revolution says:

This ministry is designed to provide a medium which tactfully delivers biblical sermons that are relevant for the current generation. Our desire is to promote a reverence and passion for the supremacy of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and our focus is on the foundational truths of the Christian faith. We emphasize unity on the essentials truths, liberty on the non-essentials and love in everything. We also believe strongly in the idea that unity does not equal uniformity because there is diversity in the Kingdom of Christ. The verse we have picked to represent this ministry is Romans 10:14 which states “But how are they to call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?”

I have listened to a couple of the offerings and think these guys are probably on to something that could be very useful in evangelizing teenagers and young adults. I can assure you this, you have never heard Alistair Begg, John Piper, S.M. Lockridge or Ravi Zacharias sound like this before!

There are other resources on the website that I would not necessarily recommend, but if you can download a few sermon jams by the guys above and get them on a young person’s ipod, you will have done a good thing in helping to gain a hearing for the Word of God among some who otherwise might never listen to a recorded sermon.