Layman's Guide to Church Planting

Dr. Stan Reeves is many things. He is the husband and father of a growing family. He is the webmaster of He enabled me to get this blog up and running. He teaches engineering at Auburn University. He also serves as an elder at Grace Heritage Church in Auburn, a church that he helped plant, in Auburn.

For the last few years Stan has been thinking about the need to encourage others to become involved in church planting. As one who is not called to vocational pastoral ministry, he brings a very helpful perspective to that issue. Often, faithful men who are not pastors let themselves believe–wrongly–that since they are “only laymen” they cannot facilitate a church planting effort. Stan has written a very helpful article to demonstrate that this simply is not true.

Reformed Baptist Fellowship is running this article as a 7-part series. It is worth reading and spreading to others. Part one is already online.