Two years and running

July 15th marks the 2nd anniversary of this blog. In dog years that would make this the 14th anniversary. In blog years, its about the 35th. Ascol’s theory of blogativity states that

News in the blogosphere has a half life of 48 hours. With rare exception, if you don’t read it within that time span, it is old news.

First blog:

Our goal is to provide a forum for analyzing and discussing issues that relate to the work of biblical reformation in the churches throughout the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond. By “biblical reformation” we do not mean the promotion of a man, a system or a movement. We mean the ongoing re-formation of churches along biblical lines. A motto that arose out of the 16th century reformation recognizes this need. The reformers declared the need for “the church reformed, always reforming.” So it should be. Any church leader who does not see this need is simply naive. Another way to state it is that a church needs to be growing–always growing according to the Word of God. If the church growth movement had not so effectively co-opted such terminology we could just as readily use it. But today, “church growth” is measured almost exclusively in terms of numbers and statistics, a standard to which 2 Peter 3:18 will not submit.