Winslow on pastors' weaknesses and needs

Octavius Winslow’s Morning Thoughts and Evening Thoughts are two of my favorite devotional books. His August 1 and August 2 morning readings are good reminders of how much pastors need the prayers of their people. I have often thought that if my people really knew how weak I am they would desperately pray for me more than they do–and I am quite confident that most of them pray regularly for me now.

Consider this sample of Winslow’s insights:

Who are ministers of Christ? Are they angels? Are they superhuman beings? Are they inspired? No, they are men in all respects like others. They partake of like infirmities, are the subjects of like assaults, and are estranged from nothing that is human. As the heart knows its own bitterness, so they only are truly aware of the existence and incessant operation of those many and clinging weaknesses of which they partake in sympathy with others. And yet God has devolved upon them a work which would crush an angel’s powers, if left to his self-sustaining energy.

If you are a pastor, read Winslow and be reminded of your weakness. If you have a pastor, read Winslow and remember to pray for those who are charged with the responsibility to care for your souls.

You can find the readings for the whole month of August here at the Grace Gems website.