Recommended reading for young ministers

David made a good request in light of Broadus’ advice in my last post. He asks, “What works would you suggest to the young pastor as being indispensible for a starting place?”

There are numerous books that have been of invaluable help to me through the years. By God’s grace I was spared investing too much money in books that were not helpful early in my theological training and ministry. Unfortunately, I have many friends of who cannot say the same. God exposed the frailty and shallowness of my theological foundations early in the process. Consequently, the books I purchased for my own benefit were those that were recommended by experienced men whose insights I esteemed.

Here is my list of 25 old books that I recommend to young ministers. The limit forces some tough choices, and there are many valuable books not on the list. I would be grateful if others would add their opinions of which books ought to be on the top 25.

Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress
Augustine, Confessions
Luther, Bondage of the Will
Calvin, Institutes
Owen, Mortification of Sin
____, On Temptation
Flavel, Method of Grace
Fuller, Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation
Gill, The Cause of God and Truth