Building Bridges vs. Burning Bridges

Nathan Finn writes about the Building Bridges Conference coming up November 26, 2007 at Ridgecrest, NC. He will be speaking on “Southern Baptist Calvinism: Setting the Record Straight.” He is also asking for examples of common myth about Calvinism that people have heard. Click over and offer him your insights as he plans to help build bridges in the SBC.

In stark contrast to the design and efforts of that conference there is the action of the Arbuckle Baptist Association in Oklahoma, that voted last week to “take a public stand against Reformed theology” in the Oklahoma Baptist Convention and to register their opposition with the Executive Committee of the SBC. Click on the image below to read a letter from DOM Terry Mott that reports these actions. It is a great example of bridge burning in the SBC.
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Attitudes and actions like this are exactly what the Building Bridges Conference hopes to address and work to change–not by any kind of coercion or intimidation, but through brotherly fellowship and God-honoring dialogue. If you have not signed up to attend yet, there is still time. Pray for that meeting that honest, humble, biblically-guided, plain speaking will characterize each session as well as the informal times of gathering.