Building Bridges Conference - Initial Thoughts

The conference ended on a high note with Danny Akin’s presentation on Working Together to Make Christ Known. His comments were insightful, inspiring, bold, courageous and gracious. He argued for why and how Southern Baptists should make the effort to work together for a “Great Commission Resurgence.”

This is on talk you absolutely must hear from the conference. It (along with the other talks) is available at the LifeWay website.

I will recap with further reflections when I have more time. I am currently sitting in the Ashville airport with my beautiful wife waiting for the first leg of our trip home. All in all, the conference met or exceeded my hopes and prayers. I believe that much good will come from it. Much good has already come from it.

Thanks for your prayers. I hope to get my thoughts together and post them in the next day or two.