Christianity Today: TULIP Blooming in the SBC

In a rather poor article in Christianity Today Ken Walker takes note of the resurgence of Calvinism in the SBC. Ten years ago, that might have been news. Today it is, at best, old news.

There are some good quotes by Al Mohler and Timothy George and a not-so-good-one by Frank Page. What is disappointing is the Walker’s obvious misunderstanding of the issues involved, as evidenced by this paragraph:

Mohler said a deepening interest in theology is driving younger Southern Baptists to explore Reformed thinking, and he dismisses the fear of some that the budding Calvinist wing will tilt the SBC back toward its 19th-century anti-missionary movement.

Southern Baptists fought against the “anti-missionary” mindset–both the theological and the ecclesiological kind–that pocketed American Baptist life in the 19th century. To suggest otherwise is at best irresponsible journalism.

Timmy Brister has written a very cogent response in which he addresses Page’s comment that,

The totality of history shows the vast majority of Baptists have not been [Calvinists], so why go back to the founders?…I think we need to go back to the Bible.