The Renaissance World--an online class for Middle Schoolers

The Internet is a gift full of potential for delivering information efficiently. It is changing the shape of education at a breathtaking speed. Several years ago MIT announced that material from all of 1800 of their courses would be made available online. That project is now fully operational and known as MITOPENCOURSEWARE.

A desire to harness the power of the Internet to reach people all over the world and to provide helpful materials for ministerial training is what inspired the Founders Study Center. Through that center, more than 200 students from many different countries have taken classes on preaching, historical and systematic theology, worship and the like.

Some members of the church I serve are exploring the possibility of launching a school that will provide access to classes via the Internet. The desire is to provide educational assistance to parents in teaching their children from a Christ-centered worldview. The first class that is being offered is geared toward students around 11-15. I say “around” because children and young people mature and learn at different rates. The topic is “The Renaissance World” and the class will last 8 weeks, meeting Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30-5:00 PM Eastern Time. It will be accessible via video livestreaming anywhere that has highspeed access and a computer. All course materials will also be made available online.

Sarah Ascol will be teaching the class. She is a few weeks away from completing her BS in history from Florida Gulf Coast University and, if I may be granted a little paternal indulgence, she is one smart cookie. She has always had an interest in history but that interest has become more of a passion the last couple of years. More importantly, she loves Middle-Schoolers and they love her. She has taught that age group in various capacities through the ministries of her church and has assisted parents with educating their children at home. Most importantly, Sarah loves Christ and gladly serves His kingdom purposes.

I think it will be a great class. If I weren’t so old, I would take it myself! If you want more information on the class, contact Wayne Morosco via email at
wayne dot graceschool at comcast dot net.