Censoring the Gospel Update: Letter from the Publisher

When a Christian repents his repentance should be as notorious as his sin. When an organization does something wrong or foolish and then takes measures to correct their actions I believe that the decision to change should be as made known as widely as was the mistake.

Reggie Joyner, Founder of ReThink, the publisher of the curriculum that decided to eliminate the story of Christ’s death and resurrection from their preschool curriculum this year, has issued a letter to the churches that use their material. In it he reaffirms his and his staff’s commitment to the gospel message and its need to be clearly taught in their materials. He also acknowledges that the explanation that was posted on their website defending their decision “does not accurately reflect” their oganization’s position. While he is not posting the letter on their website, he has sent it out very widely and has granted permission for it to be forwarded to interested parties. A friend sent me a copy this morning.

In the letter, Joyner pledges two things to those who use their materials: they will “teach the cross to every age group” and every Easter “the death and resurrection of Jesus will be included” in their preschool curriculum.

While there are certainly questions that remain about how the original course of action ever came about–questions that must be addressed internally within the organization–we should be grateful for this quick response and promise not to excise the Gospel from future lessons on Easter.