Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue

Broadman and Holman just released the new book, Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue, which is a collection of the papers presented at the Building Bridges conference last November. Ray Clendenen and Brad Waggoner have done a great job compiling and editing the presentations. They have also added a Glossary of theological terms by Shawn Wright as well as 3 appendices (authory, subject and Scripture), all of which will make the book much easier to use than it would have been without them.

The audio of the conference has been available since shortly after the meeting. Now that this book is published, anyone can have ready access not only to the words of the speakers but also to the research on which those words were based. Despite criticism from certain sectors of the SBC that the conference received (and continues to receive), this book demonstrates the ability of brothers to come together to speak plainly and respectfully about important issues on which we do not see eye-to-eye. I highly recommend it.