SBC-Indianapolis, #1

The Pastors’ Conference is over but not without some noteworthy comments coming from the various messages. Though I didn’t hear it myself, I heard on good authority that Charles Lowrey actually said in his message that God told him to get “baptized again” as an encouragement for others to get baptized who might be hesitant…and he was advocating this for the pastors to whom he was preaching!

I also have reason to believe that Wednesday morning the Resolutions Committee will bring out a resolution dealing with church membership issues, but that what they bring out probably will not have a statement calling for repentance. If that is so, then I will, as I have indicated previously, try to amend the resolution appropriately to include a simply call for repentance. I have also been given an assurance by the author of another of the resolutions submitted on this subject that he will, if he can get to a microphone, speak in support of such an amendment.

Stay tuned. I will try to give updates as I am able.