Abortion as gendercide: the brutal secret of feminism's unintended attack on women

As a Christian I grieve over the legalized slaughter of the innocents by medical professionals through the act of abortion. The culture of death that the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision hurried along has now a dominant element of our society. Yesterday, an abortion doctor was arrested in Miami under suspicion that his botched procedure on a teenage mother resulted in the live-birth of a baby who was quickly thrown into the trash.

As a father of five daughters I am appalled that the majority of abortions worldwide are carried out on future women. Since the development of sex identification methods, selective sex abortions have put preborn girls at tremendous risk. The ratio of boy births to female births is rising dramatically leading to “gendercide.” It is tragically ironic, isn’t it, that the feminist movement that championed abortion in the name of women’s rights now finds its hands red with the blood of the very half of the species whom they pretend to represent!

For an excellent article on this growing atrocity read “Gendercide: Where have all the girls gone?” by Joseph Meaney, Director of International Coordination, Human Life International.

HT: Silent Fall