Reconsidering Calvin and Calvinism

The latest Founders Journal is out and the theme is “Reconsidering Calvin and Calvinism.” The articles in this issue should disabuse any honest reader of history or theology of the caricatures that so often are promoted about the man and the views that are usually associated with his name. In this, the 500th anniversary of his birth, Calvin deserves an honest reassessment of hi life and teachings. This issue of the FJ hopes to make a modest contribution to that.

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Following is a lineup of the contents of the current issue:

  • “Calvin the Evangelist” by Frank James III
  • “Calvin the Calvinist” by Erroll Hulse
  • “Calvin and the Atonement” by Tom Ascol
  • “Calvin on Missions” by Michael Haykin
  • “John and Idelette Calvin” by Michael and Victoria Haykin