Two new titles from Founders Press: Soldiers of Christ and Stray Recollections

Founders Press is pleased to announce two new titles from two of the world’s premier Baptist historians.

Basil Manly, Sr. and his son Basil Manly, Jr. played vital roles in shaping a number of the central institutions of the Southern Baptist community in its formative years in the nineteenth century, including the influential Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Undergirding their churchmanship was a vigorous Calvinistic Baptist piety that was expressed in sermons and tracts, hymns and confessional statements, letters and diaries, all of which are represented in this timely volume of selections from their writings. Here we have a wonderful window onto the vista of nineteenth-century Southern Baptist life with all of its glorious strengths as well as its clear failings.

Founders Press is glad to introduce the Manlys to modern readers with a new title by Michael Haykin, Roger Duke and James Fuller entitled, Soldiers of Christ: Selections from the Writings of Basil Manly, Sr and Basil Manly, Jr. We are now taking pre-publication orders on this 240 page paperback. It will retail for $17.95 but until July 31, you may purchase a copy for $12.95. The book is scheduled to begin shipping June 15.


On the 15oth anniversary of the founding of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary it is fitting that a book should be published that provides more insight into the heart and mind of that institution’s principal founder. Tom Nettles’ Stray Recollections, Short Articles and Public Orations of James P. Boyce does just that. This book combines some never-before-published material by Boyce along with articles that have not been available since their original publication.

This 185 page paperback will retail for $14.95 but is available at a special pre-publication price of $10.95 until July 31, 2009. It will begin shipping on June 15.

For a very limited time both books may be purchased for a special price of $19.95. This offer is limited to web purchases only and ends June 19, 2009. Take advantage of this pre-publication bundle by placing your order at the Founders Online Bookstore.