Help a Filipino Theology Professor

Last week I received the an email from a theology professor in the Philippines who lost his entire library in a flood. As a pastor who has been greatly blessed and helped by books throughout my ministry, I was moved by what he wrote. Founders is going to supply him with as many books and other resources as we can. If you would like to join in helping him out, you may do so by making a special contribution for this purpose.

Leonardo has given me permission to share his initial email with you. It gives more information and a little background on why he contacted Founders. When I made a brief reference to his situation on twitter, I immediately received responses from folks interested in helping. On further investigation, I discovered that one of the best ways that we can help our brother is by supplying him with an e-book reader loaded with excellent e-books. We are also looking at shipping options to send him hard copy books.

Read Leonardo’s letter, then, if you are interested, read further to see how you can help.

Dear Dr. Tom Ascol,

Greetings from 7,107 islands and islets of the Philippines. I hope you and your family are in the pink of health.

A Blessed New Year to you. I am Leonardo F. Galanza Jr., a professor of Biblical and Theological studies in a small institute here in the Philippines. The Lord in His mercy called me from the life of drugs and rock and roll to be involved in the academic teaching. It has been more than 25 years of teaching and training young men and women preparing for the future ministry. The Lord has placed a passion for me to be involved with the lives of my students through academic and practical aspects.

Dr. Tom, I was once a subscriber of The Founders Journal and it was a great resource for theological and pastoral studies. You sent me Dear Timothy and Reclaiming the Gospel and Reforming Churches. They have been tremendous tools for the church life and ministry here. Carmen Giliberti told you about the promising ministry I have here in the Philippines.

Dr. Tom, let me tell you a personal tragic story. It was a saturday, a volume of rain water good enough for a month’s supply fell in just 9 hours non-stop rain causing floods everywhere. Floods rushed inside the parsonage with a 6 feet level deep leaving everything destroyed, including my slender academic library in biblical studies for my academic teaching. We’re thankful because me and my wife and two kids were spared. It is one thing to loose stuff in the parsonage and another thing to loose my academic books for the ministry.

By God’s grace we are moving on and we are still working on the replacement of our stuff in the parsonage. That’s why it is so difficult for me to acquire books for the ministry because of my situation.

In view of this, I come to you with this earnest desire to rebuild my academic library. Once again this time of great concern, please help me rebuild a slender library for my academic teaching ministry. Is it possible to ask published works from Founders ministry and is it possible to have a subscription of the Journal for my class on Pastoral Theology. I also teach Systematic Theology 1-4 and in my context I am the only one rallying students to go back to the reformation principle and to the foundation of the Word. It is really hard for me and my family at this time but the Lord is good and we are moving on. Please help me in my situation.

In His grip,


You can make a special donation to help re-supply this brother’s library by going to the Founders website and making an online gift for that purpose. Or you can send a gift to

Founders Ministries
Attn: Galanza library fund
PO Box 150931
Cape Coral, Florida 33915

Pray for Professor Galanza and his family as they work to get reestablished.