John Piper interviews Rick Warren

The long-awaited interview between John Piper and Rick Warren is now available on the Desiring God blog. It is worth watching the whole 98 minutes. The value of this interview exceeds the information that it provides. We get a glimpse into the heart of 2 of the most influential Christian pastors of this generation.

Piper models a humility and love that those who rally behind his theology need desperately to understand and emulate. We need to understand it because his attitude extends from his theology. Should not those of us who love doctrines of grace exude more of the grace of those doctrines? Piper demonstrates exactly that both in the care with which he has read Warren and questions him and in the way that he seeks to understand what Warren genuinely believes rather than settling for the predominant caricatures of him that too often live in Reformed circles.

Warren models love for people who have souls that will never die and a genuine commitment to the core teachings of the gospel of God’s grace that those who rally behind his methodology should take to heart. Doctrine matters to him though he may not express it in the same way Piper does. He has not severed his practice from doctrinal foundations. His willingness to be questioned and critiqued is an example to everyone who wants to grow in grace and faith.

The spirit demonstrated between these two brothers is what I aspire to in my own life and relationships with fellow believers. I believe it exemplifies what lies behind the call for a Great Commission Resurgence within the SBC. May it spread throughout all of our churches who love Christ and want to make Him known.

Watch the interview. Listen carefully to Piper’s final exhortation and prayer. And join me in praying for these two influential pastors, as we pray for ourselves, that God will grow them in humility and usefulness for the glory of His Son.