How to face the death of an infant

A few days ago I was grieved to hear of the death of Ezra Blaize Kline, the 7 week old son of Justin and Rebekah and grandson of my dear friend, Ted Christman and his wife Diane. Ted is the founding pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky. Ezra’s death has been attributed to that mysterious tragedy known as SIDS–Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Two days ago over 400 people from the community of Owensboro gathered to commemorate the brief life and unexpected death of Ezra. The funeral service was also live streamed. Rebekah’s brother, Jonathan, who is also a pastor at Heritage, joined Ezra’s parents in speaking before Ted preached. The whole service is one of the most God-honoring celebrations of the power of the gospel that I have ever observed.

Justin and Rebekah display the grace of God as they testify to His goodness and their resolve to keep trusting and worshiping Him, even as they commend the Lord Jesus to others. This is how Christians who are steeped in the gospel of the crucified Savior grieve. It is how believers in the risen Lord live in hope. These sad events, and the response of the humble, broken-hearted, hope-filled family who have lost this little child are a call for all of us to hold this life lightly and to build our lives on the Lord Jesus. I encourage everyone to watch the video.

Edit: Justin’s and Rebekah’s testimony begins around the 55 minute mark.