Andrew Fuller and His Controversies: September 27-28, 2013


If you’ve never attended the Andrew Fuller Conference at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, you’re missing out! The conference is second to none in delivering some of the very best historical theological scholarship available today. This year’s topic, “Andrew Fuller and His Controversies,” is particularly relevant to many of our contemporary theological controversies.  There will be papers on “Hyper-Calvinism,” “Antinomianism,” “Arminianism,” “Socinianism,” “Post-Millennial Eschatology,” “Deism,” “The Communion Question,” and “Sandemanianism.”  Tom Nettles has been writing about some of Andrew Fuller’s controversies here and here on the Founders Blog.  The Andrew Fuller Conference will develop those themes and more.
Michael Haykin, director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, writes:

Theological controversy is a perennial feature of the life of God’s people in this world. At such times, the church is best served by doughty and winsome champions of the truth. Such a man was Andrew Fuller, who, though he engaged heartily with numerous theological issues of his day, never lost his love for those whom he opposed and defended the truth with winsomeness. Our conference this year explores the various challenges to biblical Christianity that Fuller tackled with the goal that we might be better equipped to serve God in our generation. Come and join us then as we listen to and learn from a great theological apologist.

The conference speakers this year include a stellar line up of historical theologians: Ian Clary, Nathan Finn, Crawford Gribben, Paul Helm, Chris Holmes, Mark Jones, Tom Nettles, and J. Ryan West. It doesn’t get any better than that.

You won’t want to miss this conference!  Mark your calendars!  Check out this link for more details.