Introduction - Church History

The subject of “Church History” is expansive and many find the thought of studying it overwhelming or inconsequential. However, it is simply too important to not investigate. It is, after all, about Christ’s bride and God’s work down through the ages in advancing His Kingdom purposes. The aim of this issue of the Founders Journal is to encourage and challenge the reader to embrace the study of church history. John English Lee and Jeff Robinson both spell out in clear concise manner a number of reasons for studying Historical Theology and Church or Baptist History. If you are a parent, don’t miss Jeff Robinson’s particularly compelling defense for teaching your children about church history. Biographies are great resources in this line of study and have a way of fueling interest in church history and a desire to know more about our spiritual heritage. Dr. Jared Longshore provides a warm biographical snippet into the life of Jonathan Edwards’ daughter, Esther. Dr. Tom Nettles, one of the foremost Baptist historians in America, writes of God’s providence in the histories of William Carey and Adoniram Judson. Neglect reading the biographical accounts of heroes of the faith to your own peril!

Again, the historical significance of Christ’s work of redemption over many generations is massive. It is vitally important to one’s appreciation God’s amazing grace. Study historical theology and church history!