Christmas Hymn

The eternal Son unstained with blame
from virgin mother nursed.
Not flesh alone, whole human frame,
He came to be accursed.

The One whose throne’s forever’s come
to bring the hi-ding rebel home.

His glory bright He left above;
He counted it as loss;
And on that night embodied love
was destined for a Cross.

A King has left his glorious throne
to make a beggar’s debt his own.

Not to the great but to the low
the Lord, the Maker, came.
His joyful love replaced our woe,
His righteousness, our shame.

The Shepherd came to find his sheep
And give their weary eyes sweet sleep.

Lift tongues in praise, let voices join
Chords that the angels sing;
Let minds embrace and hearts conform
To the Redeemer King.

Last Chorus
We praise His grace its matchless scope
and wait the purifying hope,
When Christ the groom adorns the room
to take His bride, His people, home.

by T. Nettles