Pray for Phil Newton

My dear friend and brother, Phil Newton, has cancer. He received the diagnosis this week that a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma known as Mantle Cell Lymphoma has attacked his body. It is inoperable and there is no known cure. An aggressive treatment protocol is being planned as he consults with Phil Newtonspecialists both locally and at MD Anderson in Houston. They hope is to contain the cancer and keep it at bay for several years.

Phil pastors South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, a church that he planted in 1987. Along with being an award winning author, conference speaker and energetic supporter of gospel work around the world, Phil serves as a fellow board member of Founders Ministries. Due to the challenging treatment path in front of him, Phil resigned from our board today. He hopes to continue preaching as he is able and to study and write as the Lord gives him strength.

Please pray for Phil and Karen, as well as for their children and grandchildren. Pray also for his fellow elders and the members of South Woods. They are a wonderful congregation and have been well-taught and shepherded for many years. Pray that the Lord will cause the gospel to work powerfully in them and through them during this trial. He is planning to preach Sunday from Revelation 5—his favorite passage. Ask the Lord to grant Him liberty and power as he preaches.

As news has spread many have already reached out to Phil and his family to express their concern, love and prayers. He no doubt would be encouraged to hear from friends and is the kind of man who tries to respond to every contact, but if you do drop him a note, please do not expect him to respond during this time.