2019 Founders Conference | Law & Gospel


Is the law of God binding on believers? Are Christians freed from the Ten Commandments? What is the relationship between Moses and Christ? Since the time of the Protestant Reformation, Evangelicals have emphasized the importance of a right understanding of the relationship between the law and the gospel. This emphasis is still needed today.

Tragically, the law of God has been neglected by many, and some churches even promote a gospel of lawlessness. While antinomianism is proclaimed by some, others preach the law with no mention of the grace of God, falling into legalism. Founders Ministries has been teaching a confessionally reformed and biblical view of the law and the gospel since 1983, and by God’s grace, will continue to do so. The need in the churches of God is as great now as it has ever been.

2019 Founders Conference


December 5–7, 2019

At Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral Florida

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THURSDAY (December 5):

SESSION 1 | The Right Use of God’s Law – Tom Ascol

SESSION 2 | Law and Gospel in Parenting – Jared Longshore

SESSION 3 | Law and Gospel in Sanctification – Jeff Johnson

FRIDAY (December 6):

SESSION 4 | God’s Son and God’s Law – Tom Ascol

SESSION 5 | The Law in the 1689 Confession – James Renihan

SESSION 6 | Panel Discussion – Tom Ascol, Jared Longshore, James Renihan, Jeff Johnson

SESSION 7 | Law and Gospel in God’s World – Jared Longshore

SATURDAY (December 7): 

SESSION 9 | Law and Gospel in the Covenants – Jeff Johnson

SESSION 10 | God’s Law and God’s Children – Tom Ascol


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