By What Standard? God’s World…God’s Rules — A Founders Cinedoc

For the last several weeks Founders Ministries has been working on a cinedoc that looks at some of the dangers facing the contemporary evangelical church in America. These dangers are rooted in a false understanding of justice that assumes far more than it submits to the authority of Scripture. The result of this assumption is that false standards are being employed to make judgments of what is right and wrong.

The consequence of all this is that we now have Christian leaders telling us that sin exists where God’s law has not been violated and that righteousness should be pursued in ways that God has not prescribed. When you lose God’s law as the standard of sin and righteousness, it will not be long before you will lose the gospel, as well. Because the gospel revealed to us in Scripture provides salvation from real sin and not from failing to measure up to any manmade standards, no matter how compassionate or noble they might appear to be.

The film that we are producing, By What Standard? God’s World…God’s Rules, is designed to expose this ploy and call Christians back to God’s Word as our final authority for the way of righteousness and the way of salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

The trailer for the film releases today. I encourage you to go watch it. Tell others about it. Share it.

We are working on a late September release of the full film. Pray that the Lord will use it to encourage His people to stand firm on both the law by which He rules us and the gospel by which He saves us.