Change in the Founders Board and Upcoming Founders Conference

I am saddened to announce that Dr. Tom Nettles has stepped down from his service as a member of the Founders Ministries Board for personal reasons. Tom is a lifelong friend and one of the original founders of this ministry. His deep investments in the work of Founders over 37 years are inestimable. Though he will no longer serve on the board, we look forward to his continued involvement and partnership in this ministry in the years ahead. As he makes clear in the statement below, he plans, after a brief sabbatical to resume many of his writing and editing work with Founders.

I have resigned from the Founders Ministries Board. I will continue to contribute to the ministry, after a three month sabbatical from present involvement, by giving a commentary on the Explore the Bible SS text each week, as I have done for about five years. Also I will continue to contribute to the Founders Blog from time to time and will serve as editor of the Founders Journal. I have had no personal falling out with the Board nor have I lost confidence in the overall purpose of Founders Ministries or the board members and staff. When possible, I am also ready to speak in the future at Founders events. My reason for resignation from the board is deeply personal and the cumulative effect of tensions connected to my overall ministry of teaching, speaking, writing etc for some decades. By God’s grace, I love and trust the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christ of the gospel. I find joy and security in the eternal covenant of redemption founded in the wisdom of the triune God; I find light in the dark place of this world from the revealed, inspired, and inerrant word of God, the Bible.

Dr. Nettles will unfortunately not be able to be with us for the upcoming Founders Conference on “The Law and the Gospel” in Cape Coral, Florida. We are pleased to announce, however, that Jim Renihan will be joining Jeff Johnson, Jared Longshore, and me to address this vitally important theme. More information is found on the conference page.