SBC2020: Rescind Resolution 9

Over the last several months I have had hundreds of exchanges with Southern Baptists who are deeply concerned about the direction of the SBC generally and things going on inside of some SBC entities specifically. The adoption of Resolution 9, “On Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality,” at the 2019 convention is often cited as an example of why there is concern. If you are not aware of that resolution, how it came to be, and the implications of it, I suggest you watch By What Standard? God’s World…God’s Rules. It is available for free here.

I opposed Resolution 9 and tried to get the convention to amend it before it was presented for adoption. Unfortunately, that effort failed. I understand why many Southern Baptists are frustrated and even disillusioned. They feel, with the adoption of Resolution 9 (and, just as importantly, with the way it was done), that there is little hope of their voices being heard and their concerns being considered.

Again, I fully understand that sentiment. But it is incorrect. Baptist polity and our Southern Baptist structure provide mechanisms for any church to have a voice in what the convention affirms or does.

Over the next few months we will be posting articles here and discussing on The Sword and the Trowel podcast ways that any Southern Baptist can make his or her voice heard. That is, after all, the Baptist way.

One good reason to show up at SBC2020 is to rescind Resolution 9.

I hope that one result will be encouragement and motivation for more pastors and church members to show up in Orlando, Florida, June 9-10, 2020 for the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

One good reason to show up is to rescind Resolution 9. Yes, it can be done. The SBC’s parliamentary authority, Robert’s Rules of Order, explicitly says so.

By means of the motions to Rescind and to Amend Something Previously Adopted—which are two forms of one incidental main motion governed by identical rules—the assembly can change an action previously taken or ordered. Rescind—also known as Repeal or Annul—is the motion by which a previous action or order can be canceled or countermanded. The effect of Rescind is to strike out an entire main motion, resolution, order, or rule that has been adopted at some previous time (RONR, 305; emphasis added).

Resolution 9 should be rescinded. There will be a motion made in Orlando for that purpose. If you are concerned about it, show up and let your voice be heard by helping to rescind it.

God willing, I will be there. If you are Southern Baptist, I hope you will be, too.

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