Giving Tuesday - A Ministry Update from President Tom Ascol

Dear Friend of Founders,

Thank you for your interest in and encouragement of Founders Ministries. The last year will go down in history for the many upheavals related to COVID and to the riots and protests in major cities in the United States and many other countries. To say the least, these are challenging times, which means for those of us who know God, these are opportune times.

That is certainly what we have discovered at Founders Ministries over 2020. Last year ended with the December release of our By What Standard? Cinedoc at our National Founders Conference in Cape Coral. The Sunday after the conference, I was rushed to a trauma hospital after collapsing at church. By God’s grace and through the prayers of His people, I was released after a few days in ICU. Though I have not been given a final medical explanation, I am back to keeping a regular schedule and filled with gratitude to our Lord for restoring my strength.

Through the many cultural upheavals more and more people have turned to Founders for guidance and encouragement to stand firm for Christ. The cinedoc has been viewed more than 150,000 times, which includes showings that dozens of churches have held for their congregations. The number of regular listeners to The Sword and The Trowel podcast continues to grow as Jared and I have addressed issues like rioting, civil disobedience, defying tyrants, the doctrine of God, parenting, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and citizen-kings, to name just a few. The response has been overwhelming positive with people contacting us from around the world to express appreciation.

Founders books continue to be delivered around the world. The By What Standard? book that Jared edited is being used in ethics classes, by churches, and in at least one evangelical denomination to help in navigating the the turbulent days which have come on us. We have several other books in the pipeline that we believe will be similarly helpful.

Our National Conference, scheduled for January 21-23, 2020 (with a pre-conference on January 20) sold out once and is on pace to sell out in a much larger venue. We address “The Only God,” because at the heart of the problems we are seeing in both the church and the world is a failure to know the true God. From the response, it seems that many share our concerns and convictions.

Episode 1 of Wield the Sword, The Word in the World, released on Amazon Prime and in the Founders Armory earlier this month. We have received great feedback and look forward to releasing Episode 2, Manhood and Womanhood, in the next week. These resources (and the 13 future ones) are designed to serve Christians and churches to think and live biblically and theologically in vital areas that are subject to great confusion in our day. If you haven’t watched them, go check them out, and if you find them helpful, consider leaving a positive review at Amazon.

None of these initiatives by Founders (and other, exciting ones we hope to begin announcing soon) would be possible without faithful supporters like you. Would you pray for our efforts? We want to be helpful to individual believers and churches as they stand firm for our Lord in these needy days.

God is opening many opportunities to us and we want to be joyful, courageous, faithful servants as we seek to take full advantage of them to help churches and advance the work of His gospel. 

On this Giving Tuesday, would you consider supporting Founders with a one-time gift or offer monthly support by joining the FAM?

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May the Lord richly bless and encourage you.

In Christ,

President, Founders Ministries