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“The Effectual Fervent Prayer”

…  21). God restored the life of the child in answer to his prayer demonstrating again the authentic character of Elijah’s position as a …  the wood, and the surrounding trench.

F. Elijah’s prayer

He addressed God in terms of the patriarchs with the …



TDC 32: The Work and Progression of Prayer




Prayer Governed by Revelation

…  first part of Daniel 9, through verse 19 is a prayer of Daniel’s that is interrupted by the appearance of Gabriel …  the Scripture as he had it and based his worship and prayers on that truth is seen in the words, “I, Daniel, observed in the …



Prayer is a Dangerous Thing

…  to be made to Darius the Mede. Thirty days! A law about prayer limited to thirty days? Can a god who is worthy of only thirty days …  but the calm spiritual habit of thanksgiving to God and of prayer for the restoration of Jerusalem.
B. The perpetrators of this …



TS&TT: A Prayer for Years End | 2020 Reflections

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Prayer Before Eloquence

…  when considering how to say what one must say is prayer. Success in preaching must be pursued to the best of the preacher’s …  and however much he has derives more from his devotion to prayer than his dedication to oratory; and so, by praying for himself and for …



A Grand Foundation for Prayer

…  faith (Galatians 1:14-16)

D. “Remembering you in my prayers” – The work among the Gentiles was consistently on Paul’s mind. Often, he gives insight into the specific content of his prayers for specific churches. The prayer recorded here has a breathtaking …



TS&TT: Prayer, Teaching Truth Training Hearts, & Matthew 22:37




A Prayer of Thanksgiving

…  Express gratitude and trust in the One who hears our prayers.
Give Thanks to the Lord:  Psalm 138:1-8.
  I give you thanks, O …  has done, or even a prophecy of what He will yet do, but a prayer or desire that the kings of the earth might thank God and sing His …



A Prayer of Confession

…  God forgives when we come to Him in repentance.
A Prayer of Repentance:  Psalm 51:1-19.
To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David, …  by the negative in verse 11. What did David mean by his prayer in verse 11 that God would take not your Holy Spirit from me? Did he …



A Prayer of Surrender

…  of October 28, 2018

The Point:  Approach prayer with humble submission to the will of God.
True Humility:  James …  the battle for regularity and discipline in Bible reading, prayer, private and public worship, feasting at the Lord’s Table, devoting …



A Prayer of Praise

…  of October 21, 2018

The Point:  Our prayers are driven by the desire to honor God.
 The Exalted King:  Psalm …  or (2) specific gifts from God as His answers to our prayers. But here worship is chiefly our bringing praise and offerings to God. …



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