Special Note to Readers


The following three lessons (June 16, 23, and 30) are significantly abbreviated.  This is due to my annual summer pilgrimage to the “Holy Land”—that would be Alabama for you northerners out there!   Things will get back to normal with the July 7 lesson.  Thank you for your understanding.  May our Lord richly bless your studies!


Mike Calvert



Leading Faithfully


2 Samuel 5:1-25


Sunday School Lesson for June 16, 2002


Passage Outline


David is Anointed King of Israel (5:1-5)


David Makes Jerusalem His Capital (5:6-12)


David Expands His Family (5:13-16)


David Conquers The Philistines (5:17-25)


Suggestions for Application and Discussion


Central Thought


 In verses 1-5 we learn that the elders of all the tribes of Israel anointed David as King in the city of Hebron.   At this time David was still a young man of only thirty years of age.  The question confronting us is, what was it about David’s life that made him potential “King” material?


This chapter presents several clues worth tracking down.  In this lesson we will see what qualities are necessary for effective spiritual leadership.  These points will apply to leadership on any level, including family, the church, and the work place.


Qualities That Made David A Great King


5:10, 12 The clear and unmistakable call of God.  Note the two key phrases in these verses:  because the Lord God Almighty was with him”, and “the Lord had established him as King over Israel.”


5:19, 23A vibrant and dynamic relationship with the Lord God which results in a special sensitivity to His voice.  Note the two times where we learn that David “inquired” of the Lord.


5:20A lifestyle of faith in God’s ability to do what He promised.  Note that David “went to Bal-perazim” and defeated the Philistines.  His actions were based upon what God had told him in verse 19.


5:25Obedience to every command of the Lord.  Here we see that David, “did as the Lord commanded him.”  The result was a resounding victory.


5:20A steadfast refusal to enjoy the glory that belongs only to God.  Carefully note David’s statement in this verse.  He said, “the Lord has broken out against my enemies.”