Deepening Humility


2 Samuel 6:1 Ė 7:29


Sunday School Lesson for June 23, 2002


Focal Teaching Passage: 2 Samuel 6:1-11


Passage Outline


Tragedy in Transporting the Ark (6:1-11)


Triumph upon Arrival in Jerusalem (6:12-23)


David Plans for a Temple (7:1-7)


God Promises Completion (7:8-17)


David Praises Godís Faithfulness (7:18-29)



Questions for Discussion and Application of Focal Passage



One:At first glance doesnít it appear that Godís judgment of Uzzah was overly harsh? Note 6:7. Why is this so?


Two:Can you think of any other instances in Scripture where a similar thing happened? Hint: Donít overlook the New Testament (Acts).


Central Thought


In moving the ark, David clearly violated Godís instructions Ė Exodus 25:12-15. How could this have happened?Note two possible answers:




Uzzah was likewise guilty before God:





Additional Questions for Reflection


One: In what ways are we guilty of similar sins before God?



Two: What does this passage have to say concerning the seriousness of sin and the holiness of God?



Three: What does it mean to say something is ďholyĒ?