Every hair? Numbered.

Every tear? Counted.

Every day? Ordained.

Every race? Marked-out.

Every saint? Chosen.

Every history? Written.

Every providence? Governed.

Every decree? Unchallenged.

Every circumstance? Subjected.

Every ruler? Appointed.

Every purpose? Certain.

Every pain? Measured.

Every trial? Specified.

Every cell? Submissive.

Every atom? Obedient.

Every detail? Designed.

Every person? Represented.

Every opportunity? Afforded.

Every advantage? Present.

Every word? Required.

Every suggestion? Believed.

Every temptation? Embraced.

Every word? Disregarded.

Every peace? Forfeited.

Every fellowship? Broken.

Every man? Infected.

Every soul? Estranged.

Every one? Included.

Every situation? Worsened.

Every abomination? Celebrated.

Every rebellion? Pursued.

Every lawlessness? Paraded.

Every desire? Perverse.

Every denial? Championed.

Every hope? Deferred.

Every saint? Represented.

Every promise? Kept.

Every law? Satisfied.

Every demand? Achieved.

Every word? Accomplished.

Every temptation? Repulsed.

Every obedience? Perfected.

Every requirement? Fulfilled.

Every son? Substituted.

Every judgment? Propitiated.

Every sorrow? Felt.

Every agony? Known.

Every sin? Carried.

Every shame? Experienced.

Every penalty? Endured.

Every drop? Required.

Every day? Foretold.

Every precaution? Useless.

Every soldier? Gone.

Every gravecloth? Empty.

Every witness? Sure.

Every record? Verified.

Every detail? Precious.

Every saint? Purchased.

Every penitent? Forgiven.

Every son? Redeemed.

Every believer? Justified.

Every grace? Secured.

Every guilt? Removed.

Every blessing? Bestowed.

Every obedience? Prepared.

Every aid? Given.

Every blood-bought? Sealed.

Every warrior? Upheld.

Every counsel? Provided.

Every adopted? Beloved.

Every mercy? Sure.

Every secret? Uncovered.

Every motive? Unveiled.

Every deed? Judged.

Every obedience? Remembered.

Every service? Rewarded.

Every evil? Vindicated.

Every glory? Beheld.

Every knee? Bowed.

Every tongue? Confessed.

Every beauty? Radiant.

Every attribute? Displayed.

Every perfection? Majestic.

Every shadow? Dispelled.

Every saint? Perfected.

Every brother? Welcomed.

Every tear? Wiped.

Every praise? Expressed.

Every fellowship? Restored.

Every longing? Fulfilled.

These are our comforts.

Reagan Marsh serves as Founding Pastor-Teacher to Reformation Baptist Church in Dalton,GA. He is a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY and has served in gospel ministry since 1998.
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