Sexual Sin Kills: Fear God

Sexual Sin Kills: Fear God

The wise father leaves us with a final instruction. He’s warned us that sexual sin kills so we should pay attention, avoid the strange woman, and embrace our wives. He concludes Proverbs 5 with a call for us to fear God.

In verse 21 he says, “For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his paths.” We should fear God because He sees all. How would we live if we really believed this? Have you noticed how self-controlled we can be when the eyes of others are on us? The presence of a little child with us can radically change our demeanor. It is actually quite comical to think of how much a child’s eye transforms us and how little God’s eye does. He is much more observant than a child. He sees us at every moment. It may be that we need to confess that we simply have not feared Him as we ought and ask Him to help us fear Him more. Ask God to make you more aware of His presence with you. When sexual temptation comes, you will be far better off knowing the Lord is with you with eyes wide open.

We should also fear God because sins enslaves. Do you see that in verse 22? The iniquities of the wicked ensnare him. How many people fool themselves into thinking that they have control over their sin when in truth their sin has control of them? Sin is a nasty master. The Jews were quick to reply to Christ that they ahd never been slaves to anyone! Yet Jesus tells them in John 8:34 that anyone who sins is a slave to sin. The way to escape sin’s trap is to fear God.

Finally, fear God because folly leads to death. There are only two options before us. Many want to claim that there are many paths, perhaps a middle way. But Scripture and human reason make plain that the choice is either the fear of God or folly. If we choose the later then the result is death. Foolishness will not just trouble you, it will kill you. It will not simply leave you in chains, it will snuff out your very life. If you are fearing God you are no fool. But, if you are a fool then you don’t fear God.

Here is the wise father’s loving counsel: Sexual sin kills so fear God my son.

Jared served in pastoral ministry since 2007, he has earned MDiv and PhD degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. He and his wife Heather have seven children.
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