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In 1979 the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) formally entered into the “Battle for the Bible” that was raging within North American evangelicalism. Over the next 15 years, the SBC was returned to its historic commitments on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. Many of those who resisted this conservative resurgence were driven by religiously progressive convictions. Their advocacy of ideals and positions that developed out of radical feminism and deviant sexualities were exposed and refuted by those holding to orthodox, Protestant and historic Baptist positions on the issues.

Now, 25 years after the clear success of the conservative resurgence, it seems like evangelicals, including Southern Baptists, are in danger of loosening their commitments to those basic, Christian commitments. Dangerous ideologies like Critical Theory and Intersectionality are gaining inroads into the thinking of some leaders, churches and organizations. These ideologies are even being promoted among some evangelicals as reliable analytical tools that can assist our understandings and efforts in gospel ministry. The result is that, in the name of social justice, many unbiblical agendas are being advanced under the guise of honoring and protecting women, promoting racial reconciliation, and showing love and compassion to people experiencing sexual dysphoria.

It is time for Bible-believing Christians to stand up and say to those who are promoting such agendas, “Whose standard of justice is being followed? God’s, or this world’s?” “To what authority are we submitting? The Holy Scriptures, or worldly ideologies?”

By What Standard? God’s World, God’s Rules is a documentary that presses those questions by showing how godless ideologies are influencing evangelical thought and life. Founders Ministries is producing this cinedoc to sound an alarm and issue a call for pastors and churches to stand firm against this onslaught by reaffirming the authority and sufficiency of God’s written Word. If we care about true justice—what God has revealed to be just—then we must stand against what is being promoted under social justice. If we care about the true gospel—the gospel revealed in the faith once-for-all-delivered to the saints—we must reject the agendas being promoted by godless ideologies.


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