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Mable Ave Church/ Scofield Seminary
1483 Mable Ave
Modesto, CA 95355
Phone: 209-380-3009
Church affiliation: Southern Baptist Convention
Church confession:
Contact: Dr. Kenny Rhodes, President/ Pastor
Web page:
     We are an Evangelical, Calvinistic and Dispensational church. We are committed to the doctrines of grace and the sovereignty of God in salvation. We are committed to the absolute sovereignty of God in election, even His election of ethnic Israel. Therefore, we are committed to Reformation Theology that is consistent and “grown up.” By consistent and grown up, we mean that we do not hold to an Arminian view of Israel’s election, that Israel lost their election and now somehow the church has become spiritual Israel. A sovereign, immutable God made promises to ethnic Israel that will and must be fulfilled in the personal reign of the King on the earth. The Protestant Reformation primarily dealt with issues in Soteriology (sola fide) and issues of authority in faith and practice (sola scriptura). In Eschatology and Ecclesiology the Reformers adopted Roman Catholic views. That were Catholics with “hangovers,” hang over doctrines that is. Therefore, we believe that Reformation doctrine that is “grown up” will be dispensational because it has applied a consistent, literal (historical-grammatical) hermeneutic to the other important doctrines not dealt with in the Reformation.

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