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Elm Baptist Church
12020 Fm 514
Emory, TX 75440
Church affiliation: SBC
Church confession: Baptist Faith and Message
Contact: Gregg Hall, Pastor (former)

     I need my name/address/phone/etc.... disassociated with this church, and I am sure you would want Founder's done with it as well. I am no longer Pastor of this church (for 5 years now), and I believe the current pastor who took over the church (and I mean TOOK OVER...) to be the only Hyper-Calvinist that I have ever met. He has stated (and I quote) "...and a man need not ever place his trust/belief in Him (Christ) to be saved,since God is going to save whoever He is going to save anyway...." and that completely undermines evangelism, and is "another gospel." Sincerely, Gregg Hall.....former Pastor

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