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Christ Fellowship
931 Cassat Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Phone: 904.387.5261
Church affiliation: Independent Reformed Baptist
Church confession: Westminster Confession
Contact: Robert Konemann, Pastor
Web page:
     We seek to be a church, a gathering of God¬ís people, that is governed by the principals of the Reformation. Those are principals that were given to us by men such as Martin Luther and John Calvin. We are a congregation that is governed by; The Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone and the glory of God. We are God centered rather than man centered. Our worship revolves around who God is, not what we need. Even though our worship may be elementary we strive to actually worship, that is why we gather. A typical service will contain an invitation to worship which turns our focus to the qualities and characteristics of our God, Scripture reading, Congregational singing and prayer, the exegetical, expository preaching of the Word of God. We do not preach about the Word, but actually try to wrestle with the very words on the page.

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