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Baptist Church
Good Samaritan Baptist Ministries(Gsbm)
Challapalli-Church Street. Krishna District
Andhara Mpradash, Andhra Pradesh 521 126
Phone: +91-9346201281
Church affiliation: Independent
Church confession: Baptist Ministries In India(GSBM)
Contact: Pastor.P.Devadanam, pastor and prasident
Web page: http://Good SamaritanBaptist Ministries(GSBM)
     Dear Beloved pastor. Greetings from P.Devadanam, This is pastor Devadanm from India. correctly working as pastor in India since last 35 years. we are correctly working with orphan children and out reach ministries ministry work in India. this ministry work we are doing now. i would like ask you please pray for our ministry work in India. even though we do not know each others, but with body of Christ we are one. in this connection we wanted help our kids and pastors and rural development programes etc. .so please let us know what you do? please pray for us. In Christ pastor.P Devadanam. Baptist Church Challapalli-521 126, Andhara pradash India

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