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Integrity in Church Membership--the conversation continues

…  the ongoing conversation about the needs and future of the SBC. Several blogs accurately reported action taken by the convention in San …  excellent message from the Founders Breakfast at the SBC in San Antonio. He spoke on “Southern Baptists at Sardis” and hit a …



Denominational integrity and controversy in the Florida Baptist Convention

…  to speak against the evils and dangers of Calvinism in the SBC. According to these six–5 of whom are not Calvinists!–Mr. Seagle referred …  about me or my theology, that he was not “anti-Tom Ascol,” or “anti-Calvinism.” In fact, he told me that he did not see how anyone …



2007 Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership

…  accountability.Read the whole story here. Who knows if the SBC will adopt my resolution or not? In one sense, it really doesn’t matter. As …  on Integrity in Church MembershipSubmitted by Thomas AscolMay 1, 2007Whereas the Baptist Faith and Message states that the …



It's a post-denominational world

…  generational and cultural borders that are within the SBC.The old ways of being Southern Baptist are fading fast. When I grew up SBC every church in the local association had RA’s, GA’s, WMU and knew who …



Membership resolution redux

…  convention? That’s a good question. I do think that the SBC will approve some kind of resolution on membership, maybe this year. My …



Calvinism's "Comeback" and the reformation we need

…  that Calvinism has yet reached its high-water mark in the SBC. But he is no fan of this trend. Baptism and membership figures, he said, show that the Calvinist churches of the SBC‘s Founders Ministries lack commitment to evangelism. According to Lemke, …



Why Mark Dever did not get elected to 1st VP

…  a vote for Mark Dever for 1st Vice President of the SBC. I am sorry that Mark did not get elected. He is exactly the kind of guy that we need as SBC convention officers. By that, I do not mean his Calvinism (though that …



Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership revisited

…  be appropriate to bring before the annual meeting of the SBC. A couple of months ago I drafted one and submitted it to the resolutions …  on Integrity in Church MembershipSubmitted by Thomas AscolWhereas this 148th annual session of the Southern Baptist Convention marks …



The Trouble with Frank Page's The Trouble with the Tulip

…  Page might be nominated for the office of president of the SBC I have been trying to secure a copy of his book, The Trouble with the …  Thompson about the resurgence of reformed theology in the SBC. Page said:Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a Calvinist. Anyone who …



Twenty years at GBC

…  what is going on in the advance of reformation within the SBC and beyond. I hope to collect my thoughts and write about it before long, …



Ode to "Scripture Searcher:" the Son of Encouragement

…  citing anti-Calvinists or pointing at the flaws in the SBC or asking hard questions or offering often sad commentaries about various …  Founders blog directed by the honorable Dr. Tom Ascol: I am thrilled at the growing number of Bible believing members of the …



Ready for Reformation? Pt. 6

…  this capitulation to Roman Catholic theology by current SBC leaders to the remaining influence of E. Y. Mullins, who “smuggled in …


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