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Why Mark Dever did not get elected to 1st VP

…  a vote for Mark Dever for 1st Vice President of the SBC. I am sorry that Mark did not get elected. He is exactly the kind of guy that we need as SBC convention officers. By that, I do not mean his Calvinism (though that …



Resolution on Integrity in Church Membership revisited

…  be appropriate to bring before the annual meeting of the SBC. A couple of months ago I drafted one and submitted it to the resolutions …  on Integrity in Church MembershipSubmitted by Thomas AscolWhereas this 148th annual session of the Southern Baptist Convention marks …



The Trouble with Frank Page's The Trouble with the Tulip

…  Page might be nominated for the office of president of the SBC I have been trying to secure a copy of his book, The Trouble with the …  Thompson about the resurgence of reformed theology in the SBC. Page said:Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a Calvinist. Anyone who …



Twenty years at GBC

…  what is going on in the advance of reformation within the SBC and beyond. I hope to collect my thoughts and write about it before long, …



Ode to "Scripture Searcher:" the Son of Encouragement

…  citing anti-Calvinists or pointing at the flaws in the SBC or asking hard questions or offering often sad commentaries about various …  Founders blog directed by the honorable Dr. Tom Ascol: I am thrilled at the growing number of Bible believing members of the …



Ready for Reformation? Pt. 6

…  this capitulation to Roman Catholic theology by current SBC leaders to the remaining influence of E. Y. Mullins, who “smuggled in …



Ready for Reformation? Pt. 5

…  is accurate.Had Nettles been focused more broadly than the SBC in his book he could have easily quoted John Newton who said that, …  show how a similiar failure lives on in conservative SBC circles. More definitive inconsitencies on law and gospel still unsettle …



Ready for Reformation? Pt. 4

…  many churches. This also explains why the majority of the SBC‘s 16 million members are “absentee members.”

Nettles appeals to both …  assessment explains why many of us are at best tepid about SBC President Bobby Welch’s “Everyone Can and I’m It!” campaign. When declaring …



Ready for Reformation?

…  harmfully being overlooked by many conservatives in the SBC today.

I will be commenting on this book, giving pertinent quotes over …  pointedly for the need of ongoing reformation in the SBC. In essence he declares that inerrancy is not enough. Having reestablished …



Ray Van Neste on Steve Lemke's article

…  issues (these guys are quick!). I have not yet read Tom Ascol‘s response. But I wanted to write briefly to say in essence; “Come on!” …  talk like this will continue to drive them away from the SBC. This line is continued later when you ask whether this newest generation …


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