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Why the Resolution 9 Thing is a Big Deal

…  he will miss things that really are there.

For example, CRT teaches that the oppressor group will only do justice when it benefits …  that these poems indeed came from Wheatley.

If CRT/IS is used as an analytical tool then we will see that these men did this …



Vigorous Dissent May Be Necessary for the Good of the SBC

…  Resolution 9 and argue against the wisdom of considering CRT/I helpful analytical tools.  Will those voices be fairly heard?  Will the …  up.  Frankly, in June 2019, very few had even heard of CRT/I.  We will be much more informed this June.

David Uth has the …



Interesting Times and Changing Times in the SBC

…  response involved Hall privately repudiating CRT and, after multiple encouragements to do so, publicly renouncing it in an …  of how that self-description fits with his repudiation of CRT.

Now, after months of questioning the wisdom of calling on Southern …



The Attempt to Clarify Resolution 9

…  thinking that something sneaky was going on.

How can CRT/IS be used as analytical tools without imbibing the ideologies embedded in …  By What Standard? that provides abundant evidence that CRT/IS are far from mere “analytical tools,” particularly in the ways that …



Identity Politics and the Bondage of the Will

…  early 1980s, which in turn, spawned critical race theory (CRT). CT has made a notable showing of late in education theory (i.e. critical …  of the lies of hegemonic power to higher truth. CRT in particular features the concept of “double consciousness” which affords …



Founders Journal | Belated Fall 2019 Edition

…  Critical Theory with an emphasis on Critical Race Theory (CRT). It is about One and one-half the size of a normal Founders Journal. That …  usable parts in isolation from the presuppositions of CRT as a whole highlight the difficulties of using CRT merely as a “critical …



Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and the Gospel

…  room at the time had even heard of Critical Race Theory (CRT) or Intersectionality (IS) prior to the committee’s urging of Southern …  Rather, it is a simple recognition of the fact that CRT/IS were not a part of the common parlance of Southern Baptists prior to the …



Brave Heart and the Great White Shark

…  made him perk up about the impact of Social Justice, CRT, and intersectionality in other evangelical connections. He has given some …  and a revolutionary. If your tool is the spectacles of CRT and Intersectionality, then your lenses, tinged with Marxist colouring and …



What People Are Saying - By What Standard? Reviews

…  of thought and ‘tools’ of Critical Race Theory (CRT) with what is being said in SBC conference settings and seminaries. Viewers …  rejecting as “unfriendly” an amendment clarifying that CRT, “emerged from a secular worldview and rooted in ideologies that are …



An Analogy to Critical Theory | A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9 - Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9

…  three part series. Read Part 1 here.

The Leaven of CRT and Intersectionality

Throughout Resolution Nine, likewise, assurances are given that CRT and intersectionality should not take precedence over Scripture. Doubtless …



An Anti-Racist Intention | A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9 - Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series A Critical Analysis of Resolution 9

…  presented. Changing it from a heavy warning against CRT, the committee’s alterations gave it an overall positive commendation. An …  evaluate the ideas, comment on the origin and tendency of CRT as it relates to the biblical and spiritual aspirations as set forth in the …



Matthew Hall’s Rejection of Critical Race Theory

…  about and seemingly related to Critical Race Theory (CRT). I first wrote about his comments in an article responding to Thabiti …  justice movement to evangelicals. I said,
A commitment to CRT is the only reason that Dr. Matthew Hall, provost at Southern Baptist …


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